About Shawn Strathe

October 15, 2010 6:18 am
posted by admin

Growing up in rural America has given Shawn Strathe an abiding appreciation for the wonders of the city: the ease of walking to restaurants, shopping and entertainment; the beauty of historic buildings, the exceptional arts and culture -the remarkable energy that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Shawn simply loves the Minneapolis; it’s no wonder you’ll find residents throughout the neighborhood, and across the Twin Cities, who will eagerly sing her praises. Over the past decade, she has helped hundreds find their dream homes and leveraged her business acumen to quickly sell homes to eager, qualified buyers.

Shawn considers her work the culmination of a lifelong journey that has optimally united divergent talents and passions.

As a youngster, her days spent building and decorating forts with whatever she could find hinted at an interest in real estate. She eventually left her family farm to attend college on a basketball scholarship, and ultimately graduate in the top of her class with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Minnesota. She was subsequently recruited by a leading corporation’s finance department and locked into golden handcuffs.

It wasn’t until she had to sell her own home that Shawn rediscovered, in a very roundabout way, her childhood delights. Shawn wasn’t a realtor then, so she enlisted the help of a real estate agent. After six months, her home hadn’t budged. Frustrated, Shawn took it off the market and took matters into her own hands by attaining her real estate license and selling it herself. Little did she know how much her life would change for the better. Thanks to her creative, aggressive marketing, her home sold within 24 hours! Giddy with success, she had identified her passion: using her knowledge to help others secure homes they love.

That was almost 15 years ago. Today, Shawn’s enthusiasm for her work and the magic of the city continues unabated. From the challenge of creating innovative marketing to the fun of introducing buyers to the city’s vitality to the excitement of using financial expertise to unravel the minutiae of closing documents, Shawn loves it all and that’s reflected in the delighted customers you’ll find at every turn in the vibrant North Loop neighborhood.


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